We dance naked in the night sky  

This is the ancient, mystical form of meditation called Latihan, created by the Sufis and taken to even more magickal depths by modern-day Tantrikas.

We are proud to be able to offer this profound meditation experience in total safety and integrity.

Latihan is a slow-motion, movement meditation. Universal Energy moves us physically, creating an unwinding sensation. Letting go into this exquisite 'non-doing' gives our body permission to become utterly present in the moment. A healing release can occur on both a physical and spiritual level. This celebration of life, love and freedom happens in total darkness.

We disrobe in a sacred and honouring way and perform the Latihan naked.

A fear-less space is created. As participants step through the gateway into an atmosphere of trust and safe connection they find themselves able to leave their emotional baggage outside the door and become truly present. They enter the temple without agenda or expectation and consequently are able to practise the meditation in a state of innocence and openness.

The feeling of Latihan is that of floating in space. Everything that happens in Latihan shifts and changes. Old modes of behaviour and patterns of reaction disintegrate, so taking part is an opportunity to move into the New Aeon with awareness and positive intention.

Men and women have been carefully screened for these events so the group will always be one of consciousness, acceptance and love.


~ ~ ~ ~

We set up the temple so that everyone can have the experience they desire:

In the middle are mattresses for those who feel, in the moment to connect physically with other bodies.

Around the island of mattresses we leave plenty of floor space for those who wish to move on their own.

Benches line the edges of the room, upon which one can sit, breathe and just 'be' in the darkness alone.

All of these environments can allow for expansion and joy as we melt into Oneness together. Some tears may come, laughter may come, but the point is to experience yourself letting go into the infinite love within and all around us. Let the energy of the Latihan heal, that is what the slow movement achieves, effortlessly...

We are able to create complete darkness, in which the light energy of each of us becomes visible. This is a rare gift.

The Dark Latihan always begins with a thorough demonstration so that everyone feels comfortable when the lights go out. We remain in darkness for one hour, regardless of what occurs during that time.

If you have any doubts about your ability to enjoy a Dark Latihan, please call me on 07974 211707.

~ ~ ~ ~

What people have said about us:

    "The last Latihan was so magical and deep. Its one of the most amazing things I've ever been to and most other tantra / sensuality events for me these days don't touch that place of magic and deep connection to other realms in quite the same way".  Chris Kent

      "Thank you Kavida, Roland, and all the beautiful people I had the pleasure to have pleasure and connection with on Friday night. It was amazing and I want to do more and more, and go deeper and wider. It was especially moving to be a container at times for other's profound vibrations. Wow!". Chris Grady

    "Thank you all. Thank you to the creatrix Kavida Rei. Thank you to The magician Ro Land for the beautiful summation of the sky/planets energy of the moment (also totally gorgeous to see you really diving in to freedom and letting go). My dance with the dark was a well needed healing threesome of me, the darkness/universe and God where we resumed our conversation of Love".  Jane Abbot

    "Thank you thank you thank you. I was truly blessed to be opened up in the dark . A moment in space and time that has touched me profoundly".  John Paul Brannan



By invitation only

In the heart of London W1

Start time 7.30pm (please arrive at 7.15 promptly) – 11.30pm

38 per person
60 per couple

No entry on the door. Please book beforehand by contacting:

Kavida  07974 211707
Roland 07595 526257

Kavida:      kavida@sensual-soirees.com
Roland:     roland@sensual-soirees.com


All first-time celebrants must be known to us, either by referral or personal contact.
There is a process to follow in order to receive an invitation: initially, email one of us.

Invocation of the Goddess