SENSUAL SOIREES ARE ON HOLD right now while we set off on a quest for a permanent venue in which to hold our remarkable events... we are holding the Sacred Grove Spa vision strongly and believe the world would like a chain of natural, tantric spas! You'll be able to leave the worries of the world behind and relax totally in a safe and nurturing environment with like-minded people.

In the meantime please book a private session with Kavida - we vet all new participants for our events anyway (see here) so come and meet us, learn tantra, enrich your life. This is the way to be included in a beautiful inner circle of tantrikas...


Imagine meeting new people in a safe environment where you can let your hair down, connect, and have fun without the need for alcohol or drugs. Imagine receiving loving touch and intimacy without fear of things ‘going too far’. Imagine a night out where you could get naturally high and have a wild time with no hangover the next day. Imagine being able to get up and dance without the slightest embarrassment.

Well, imagine no longer – a new type of event has been created which contains all of the above and more... You´ve come to the right place!

"The Sensual Soiree was light, flowing, easy and sensual – pitched perfectly for newbies and advanced both. It had substance, yet wasn´t too challenging. It certainly wasn't a workshop and yet it was structured, full of ‘methods’, which were an invitation to explore, experiment and have fun. Anyone would feel welcome and comfortable there, I'm sure. There was no dogma - it was just so easy to 'fit in'. It's the most organic group event I've ever been to. I'm so excited about the potential of these soirees and can't wait for the next one"

What happens at a Sensual Soirée?

At the opening of a Sensual Soirée we ask participants what they want to receive from the evening, or what they would like to contribute. We throw all of the qualities into a big ‘stew’ and cook it up over the course of the evening. This powerful intention expressed by the group is what makes the incredible energy that creates a Sensual Soiree.

Here is an example of a list of wishes and wants expressed by a group of Sensual Soirée participants;….

Heartfelt touch
Conscious connection
Loving touch
State of Bliss
Time to be ‘me’
Truth expressed

Imagine an evening out that contained all of these ingredients …

We Love People…

Sensual Soirées are hosted by a team of qualified facilitators, highly experienced in leading groups, workshops, dance events, and massage experiences.

We have all spent many years on the path of personal development, deeply involved in tantra, massage, meditation, and dance.

The Sensual Soirées team is committed to providing a safe and nourishing space in which creativity can flow and deep connection can be made between the participants.

Our main aim is to have fun.

We love people and we love people having a good time.

What people say about Sensual Soirees

“My partner and I have attended five soirees in a row now, we have to travel two to three hours to get there and it is SO worth it. Without realising it, some of my limiting beliefs about sexuality have changed and I have come to understand that sensual play is so much fun. At the end of the night I feel completely blissed out. At all times, I have felt safe and honored. I have made some wonderful new friends who have an openness I sought elsewhere but rarely found. Leave your preconceptions at the door! xxx ” Sophie

“ Attending Kavida and Roland's sensual soiree, my husband and I discovered a way of melting into our love, of opening to receive sensual intimate touch, caressing each other with words, touch, dance and soul-filled gaze. The evenings begin with heartfelt warmth from the hosts, a space to meet each participant through their intent for the night, clarifying boundaries and etiquette and tantalising us with hints of what is to unfold. Gradually we were taken into a journey of returning to the pleasure inherent in our bodies, the pleasure of reaching to each other through true presence. Tender touch activities encouraged us to peel back the layers we usually hide behind, a space of safety and sincerity invited deeper unfolding and then desert was served in a manner that brought new meaning to temptation and fulfillment. A true night of bliss.” Roxana and Vincent Hewett

"Hi Kavida and Roland
Thank you for a beautiful soiree on Friday!  Eric and I had a wonderful evening and certainly floated home on a tantric cloud!!!!

We are unfortunately in Scotland visiting my mother in March when you're holding your next soiree, but hope to be able to attend another as soon as possible!

Love to you all"  Annie and Eric xxxxxx